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Dear friends, I introduce to you my new song:


Drafted during the last months of 2008 during a rehearsal in Reggio Emilia (Italy), this improvisation was initially intended as the ending track of my new second album. When in April 2013 the new demo was ready, I realized that there was no more space in the track-list for that song.

At that time I’d never thought to release it before I had finished my second album and it just happened in particular, because of my friend Crishtina Mariani and Dj Mark Cunliffe Dandelion Radio- from Derby –Uk

I briefly tell you the story.

During summer 2012, Cristina, who’d just moved to Lisbon, asked me to create some sounds for her sculpture and installation called “Soundress”. The project consisted in three short electro-acoustic audio tracks looped and aired by mini-speakers sewed inside the insulating fabric-sculpture.
It took me a year but during summer 2013 I finally prepared the requested tracks for this artwork (you can see some “soundress” prototype pictures here:

But the final push for releasing other Cazzurillo’s new audio-material came from Mark Cunliffe. After appreciating a Syd Barrett cover I had previously recorded (“No Good Trying” feat My Last sumer), at the beginning of 2013, Mark proposed me to send him some unreleased music for one of his radio transmission on Dandelion Radio and also for his own MixCloud sessions on SoundCloud.
As he expressly asked for a 15 minutes minimum long track, I decided to re-use some of Cristina’s Soundress samples as a starting point for creating new sounds for him.
At last I decided to adjust all that stuff to finally carry out GHOSTS ARE SURFING NOW! my “homeless song” that for too much time I got stuck with.

I confess, in few words, it’s“ The Cazzurillo’s Requiem”.

I worked on this song between August and September 2013, conscious of the fact that for another year I’d never seen the sea again. I simply imagined to be on a desert beach.

The sky is blue and the hot sun warms the golden sand.
Without I realize nothing, sky, sea and sand start getting covertly darker and darker. All is cold and black around me.
The sea swells, a wave sweeps away me by swallowing me.
After the storm, the abyss is my new home, I live there and cohabit with other forms of life.
One day a submarine comes looking for me, it doesn’t find me.
The other ghosts and I stay on surface, surfing on surfs of an in-storm-again sea.

Song duration is 18 min and 1, 234 seconds and it is possible to listening:

- all in one breath from 00:00:000 to 00:18:01:234 (for all the brave off-limits apnea lovers)


-in case of spare cylinder emergency, yonder some “life-saver reference points” allows to skip easily during the song listening, without risk to pass-don’t-know-where inside the stormy track.

Therefore G.A.S.N! is divisible in 13 differents parts:

2 parts: 00:00; 06:44
3 parts: 00:00; 06:44; 13:23
4 parts: 00:00; 06:44; 13:23; 15:24
5 parts: 00:00; 06:44; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
6 parts: 00:00; 05:00; 06:44; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
7 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 05:00; 06:44; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
8 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 04:11; 05:00; 06:44; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
9 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 04:11; 05:00; 06:44; 09:47; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
10 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 04:11; 05:00; 06:44; 09:47; 11:24; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
11 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 04:11; 05:00; 06:44; 09:47; 11:24; 12:46; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
12 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 04:11; 05:00; 06:44; 09:47; 11:24; 11:56; 12:46; 13:23; 15:24; 16:50
13 parts: 00:00; 03:05; 04:11; 05:00; 06:44; 09:47; 11:24; 11:56; 12:46; 13:23; 14:33; 15:24; 16:50

The choice is yours!

Enjoy listening!

Sincerely Yours,



released November 10, 2013

Performed, recorded*, mixed and produced by CAZZURILLO between August and September 2013 in Congedoskij Home Recordings Studios, Grinchland (Italy).
*additional water field recordings by Solar Plex
Mastered by Andrea Rovacchi at Bunker Recordings Studio, Rubiera (Re)
Art smash up by Congedoskij Entertainment

infos and management:

Very Special Thanks to:
Mark Cunliffe, Giulia Saltini, Solar Plex, Andrea Rovacchi, Cristina Mariani, Alessandro Froldi, Manu Congo.

"As soon as I get the coal, I will look to all heavenly hush"




all rights reserved



CAZZURILLO is an accidentally odd sounds composer and “one girl band“ performer.
During her live sets she disguises herself without reserve and with a mocking snigger on her face she sings with scrambled voices, grooves, guitar. All supported by insane objects animation video projection. ... more

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